Best Things to Do in Aruba

Best Things to Do in Aruba

When visiting Aruba, one of the best things to do is visit the lighthouse. While it is not open to the public, the view from the top is worth the trip. The lighthouse provides the perfect perspective of the island, and sunsets are especially gorgeous. Once you’re finished taking in the view, many guests linger for dinner in a nearby restaurant. Aruba is also known for its great wreck diving. You can see sunken ships ranging from tugboats to cargo ships and even plane fuselages.

Donkey Sanctuary

For those who are animal lovers, a visit to the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is one of the must-do activities. The sanctuary is located about 8 miles from Eagle Beach. The animals are very friendly and you can even give them treats! If you’re in Aruba with kids, this is the perfect place for a family outing.

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is a nonprofit that was founded to care for the island’s beloved donkeys. It aims to educate tourists and locals about the importance of caring for these adorable animals. In the days before cars and other forms of transportation, donkeys were the primary mode of transportation on the island. However, with the advent of cars, donkeys were left with little purpose, and they eventually became ill and tired. The Sanctuary aims to provide a safe environment for these animals, and to preserve their natural behavior and environment.

Aruba’s northern side is home to a rugged coastline that is great for hiking. There are fascinating natural bridges and secluded beaches. Visitors can also explore the ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Mill. You can also visit the Aruba Surf & Paddle School for a fun surf lesson. Aruba’s Donkey Sanctuary is another must-do activity.

Ostrich Farm

If you want to get closer to the world of ostriches, a visit to the Aruba Ostrich Farm is a must-do experience. You’ll get to see over forty of the colorful birds and learn all about their fascinating lifestyles. You’ll also get to feed them and handle their giant eggs, which are the size of 24 chicken eggs. There are also guided tours where you can learn about these amazing creatures.

The farm also has a tour where you can learn all about the flightless bird, the ostrich, and its relatives, the emu. The emu is the world’s second largest bird, and the ostrich is native to Africa. Guided tours are offered every half hour, and you’ll learn more about their behavior and survival instincts. While there, you’ll also be able to enjoy a beer or a smoothie!

The Aruba Ostrich Farm is located in the north part of the island. Here, you can watch ostriches in their natural habitat, and take home a souvenir or two. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the free streetcar service, which runs every half hour. The streetcar makes stops at major tourist sites, including the Aruba Ostrich Farm. You can also take a tour of the stunning waterfront while on board.

Baby Beach

One of the best things to do in Aruba is to visit Baby Beach. This tiny lagoon is not as crowded as the more popular beaches. It is a great place for families with young children and for first-time snorkelers. The beach also offers beach equipment rentals and a refreshment stand.

The best time to visit Baby Beach is during the early morning. The water is very shallow and a good place to start learning how to swim. It is also a great place to take a baby because of its soft sand. It also has clear, shallow water.

Another great thing to do in Aruba is scuba diving. The southern coast of the island has some of the best diving spots. There are coral reefs and artificial reefs. There are several wrecks that you can dive in, including Air Aruba’s old YS-11 airplane. There are dive centers in Aruba that cater to every level of diver.

If you’re a beginner, Baby Beach is a great place to learn how to snorkel. The waters are shallow a long way out and the sandy bottom allows you to see about nine feet down. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll have a whole underwater world to explore. You’ll soon spot all sorts of fish, as well as schools of baby squid. Sea horses and other sea creatures are also common here.


If you are looking for an activity that will get you up and moving, kiteboarding is one of the best things to experience in Aruba. Whether you are an experienced kitesurfer or you’re just starting out, the beautiful beaches of Aruba will be the perfect setting for this sport. The wind conditions in Aruba are generally favorable for kiteboarding, as the constant trade wind blows most of the time. The winds are usually between 20 and 25 knots, but some days can be lighter or heavier than normal. The wind can also be affected by nearby heavy storms. On those days, you can still enjoy kiteboarding, although it may not be as easy as other days.

One of the best beaches in Aruba is Eagle Beach. This pebbly beach is popular with kiteboarders. If you want a more relaxed setting, head to Palm Beach. It is a short drive north of Eagle Beach. While many tourists visit Eagle Beach to see the native flamingos, these birds are more likely to be on private islands.

There are plenty of other activities to do on the island. You can try wreck diving, snorkeling, swimming in natural pools, hiking in towering dunes, or even go on a four-wheel drive through the cactus-dotted interior. You can also take part in various cultural events.


Aruba is a stunning island and you should not miss the opportunity to take a sailing tour if you’re in the area. You can enjoy the calm waters and beautiful views from the sea, and even get the chance to go snorkeling. Sailing tours also offer the opportunity to relax on a luxury sailboat.

You can also go scuba diving off Hadicurari Beach. Alternatively, you can explore the natural wonders of Arikok National Park. Aruba also has several beaches, including Baby Beach, so you can take the whole family. Kids will also enjoy visiting the Donkey Sanctuary or the Ostrich Farm. If you’re looking for some entertainment, the Palm Beach Casino and live music are also great places to go.

The Aruba Music Festival brings award-winning musicians to the island. Every summer, thousands of tourists flock to the Aruba Music Festival to enjoy live music. Aruba Yacht Week is another popular event in the island. There are international yachts docking in Aruba and a wide range of activities for all ages.


Aruba is a small island that lies in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is 29 kilometres north of the Paraguaná peninsula and 80 kilometres northwest of Curaçao. Its tropical climate and abundance of marine life make Aruba an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Although Aruba experiences high tourist season from mid-December to mid-April, the weather is pleasant for snorkeling throughout the year. Aruba is also easily accessible from major U.S. cities and from many European cities. If you’re planning a trip to the island, it may be best to book your accommodation and accommodations during these months.

In order to enjoy the best snorkeling in Aruba, you’ll need to find a location that offers good visibility. You’ll have to brave the currents in some areas, but there are plenty of beautiful, clear water snorkeling spots in Aruba. There’s no live coral reef, but you’ll still be able to see a wide variety of colorful tropical fish.

One of the best places for snorkeling is at the northern end of the island. The northern tip of the island features a rocky beach that’s a favorite of locals and visitors. It’s accessible by car or by taking a boat tour that stops off at an old shipwreck. These tours also usually feature music and refreshments onboard.


Aruba is located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea. It is about 29 kilometres north of the Paraguaná peninsula and 80 kilometres northwest of Curaçao. The island is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is a popular destination for tourists looking for a unique experience.

Aruba has numerous attractions and hot-spots. For example, you can visit the California lighthouse or the Casibari Rock Formations. These spectacular boulders provide a panoramic view of the island. You can also visit the Alto Vista Chapel, a beautiful yellow church. If you’re into diving, you can visit the wreck of the Jane C, which was intentionally sunk in the 1980s. The wreck contains large cargo areas and turtles. The dive is not recommended for novice divers because of the dangers involved.

Arikok National Park is another popular destination for Aruba sightseeing tours. The park occupies about 20% of the island. Here, you’ll be able to see the island’s volcanic rock formations and learn about the different species. There are several tours available, including an optional guided tour that helps you identify different species. The tour guides will also teach you about butterfly life cycles. It’s one of the most unique and educational experiences on the island.

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